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Unveiling the wonders of Agadir and its surroundings, this 3-days adventure is perfect for culture seekers and nature enthusiasts. Delve into the vibrant city of Agadir with a guided tour on day one. Day two offers a chance to experience the countryside in a traditional way with a camel riding tour. and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Paradise Valley on day three.

Day 1 Agadir Guided City Tour
Day 2 Camel Riding Tour
Day 3 Paradise Valley

Agadir City Tour: Agadir located in the southwest of morocco, the city is bordered by the ocean atlantique.la capital of southern morocco, is a great city, famous for its beautiful golden beach and mild climate all year round .discovery agadir: morning: 10am to 6pm. be enchanted by the white city in beachfront, the most popular resort in morocco.

Camel Riding: Enjoy a stroll or ride a camel, horse or camel in agadir. travel through the endless dunes of agadir and explore the region on a traditional transport camel, dromedary! you will have all the souvenirs and taste the serenity of these literally enchanting places.

Paradise Valley: is just 35 km from agadir, a winding road leads you through the valley of paradise, landmark painters in watercolors, to lead you to the small village of imouzzer. a real tour in the heart of the almond trees, palm trees and clear wadis.

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