Paradise Valley

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Take a half-day trip from Agadir or Taghazout to Paradise Valley’s natural lakes to enjoy a swim. Explore the Honey Road of Immouzar and discover the peaceful nature of the Atlas Mountains.

Paradise valley is just 35 km from agadir, a winding road leads you through the valley of paradise, landmark painters in watercolors, to lead you to the small village of imouzzer. a real tour in the heart of the almond trees, palm trees, and clear wadis. departure in the morning when the light is still soft and dewy; you will cross the hillsides speckled argan contrasting with the blue sky tenderly. once well advanced, the landscape changes … place in the verdant valley of palm trees and a small oasis visible from afar. paradise valley is nearby, you just have to look up to admire the small berber villages clinging to the white and pink cliffs, the highest indicator is this peaceful river that sleeps in the heart of a beautiful little rocky canyon. if you take the time to stop and observe the untouched nature, appreciate every little thing around you, the heart of wadi beating, birds, the wind blowing in the soft almond trees, this unique smell of land, and this special brightness in morocco, then you’ll get the gist of paradise valley.

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